Katy Cook '89

Although I was never a rider at Smith, I greatly appreciated those that were passionate for the sport and also about horses. It made me feel proud to have that gorgeous facility on campus and to be able to provide that option for lovers of horses. I also just loved the thought of women and animals working and living together on our campus. 
Over the years since graduation, I have been active in representing Smith in my area as well as giving and visiting local high schools. This fall my own god-daughter was accepted to Smith as a STRIDE scholar. I can't tell you how proud I felt of Smith and of Sophia (pronounced the same way as Smith's founder!). Sophia made her decision in large part because of Smith's Equestrian Program. She rides on our very accomplished Varsity Team. To have this taken away without any say in this decision has been crushing for all the stakeholders of this amazing facility. This program is not just a sport or a stable - it is an uplifting inclusive micro-community that brings together students, townspeople, staff and intelligent animals in a blend that has powerfully enriched and continues to elevate Smith in the eyes of its own as well as across the globe. We ask for a chance to revisit this decision and create a better solution for all.

- Katy Cook, Smith Class of 1989