Stacy Rockwood '09

I never rode while attending Smith College. Not once. So how could I have a deep emotional stake in saving the Fox Meadow Farm facility? I am an animal lover. During every pivotal high stress reading week and finals, I would lead a group of Northrop housemates over to the barn. A grocery bag of quartered apples from the dining hall was all it took to escape into another world. Watching young women from the city squeal and giggle in anxiety and excitement while gathering the courage to keep their palms flat, feed a horses and eventually stroke one for the first time. Snuggling my face into the big shaggy brown neck of Moose, my favorite Smith horse and inhaling that sweet rich horsey scent. These memories are a priceless part of my time at Smith. The women who walked back from the barn were transformed. Gone were the tired, pinched faces of stress. Instead we walked home to Northrop laughing, heads up, hips loose, grounded and renewed. Many colleges are bringing animals onto campus during high stakes testing periods. Smith has a wonderful refuge full of some of the most loving "therapy" animals available to all it's students. Please consider this fully before dismantling the Smith Equestrian Team.

- Stacy Rockwood, Smith Class of 2009