Rosa Goldman '12

I grew up in Granby, attended the Campus School, and rode for most of my childhood. Because I took riding lessons on weekends and Northampton was a little far to drive regularly on non-school days, I didn't ride at Fox Meadow. However, I had close friends who did, and I would go to the barn with them just to hang out or to cheer them on at shows. I loved the excitement of it all; my barn in Belchertown was very small and just didn't have the same sort of exuberant community as Fox Meadow. I knew I was visiting a special place.

I had stopped riding by the time I started Smith, so I didn't get to experience Fox Meadow or the riding program as a student. But I always fondly remember the times I spent there as a Campus School kid, following my friend Ali around as she visited her favorite horses and greeted every person she saw. The place has a special kind of community, and I don't believe that Smith should be in the business of erasing communities.

- Rosa Goldman, Smith College Class of 2012