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This is Not About a Barn Or A Team. This is about Smith.

Horses shape our lives in countless intricate ways. The time we spend in the saddle, grooming, cleaning tack, and even shoveling manure is time spent learning about ourselves and how every action has a consequence. For some of us, our first exposure to horses was at the Smith College Equestrian Center. For others, our time riding on the Varsity Team was the continuation of a lifetime saturated with early mornings, muddy boots, and the soft, sweet breath of horses on our cheeks. 

One unique aspect of riding at Smith for all of us was the access we shared. Anyone can ride at the Varsity level, regardless of experience. The organization Smith belongs to has classes for beginners all the way up to very advanced riders. This levels the playing field in an extraordinary way that no other varsity sport manages. 

The other distinctive element of Smith's current program is its openness. Members of the Northampton community are welcome to take lessons at the Center, and Smith students who do not wish to ride on the Varsity team can still take riding lessons or work in the barn. Students and community members can stable horses there, and this community interaction does not exist with any other sport at Smith.

It is in this spirit of community that we share with you our stories of what the Smith College Equestrian Center and the Varsity Team experience have meant to us as individuals, horse people, and members of a larger community.