Who We Are

The Steering Committee

The Save Smith Equestrian Steering Committee is a group of over 15 alumnae spanning the graduation years of 2015 to 1943. The Committee was formed in response to the December 8, 2016 announcement by Smith College. Our mission is to ensure that the Smith College Equestrian Center stays open and that the Smith Equestrian Team continues as a varsity sport at this on-campus facility.  

We are former Equestrian Team members and students who rode in the ESS program. We are industry leaders in the nonprofit, education, and corporate arenas, including a Newbury Medal winner, college professor, corporate lawyer, head of communications, MBA graduates, and more. We are joined by over 500 alumnae, community members, parents, and current students who have come together to voice their concern and act as a cohesive team. In the finest of Smith traditions, we will be heard on this matter. We refuse to be silenced.

For all of us, for different reasons, the Smith College horse stable was an integral part of our overall college experience and taught us life lessons that helped us grow to become the leaders we are today. Future generations of Smithies must be provided with the same experience, opportunity, and accessibility to ride on campus.